Fossil fuel companies want to ship massive quantities of oil, coal and gas through the fragile waters of the Salish Sea.

Accidents, leaks and oil spills. Coal dust and toxic emissions. These projects put the people, ecosystems and economy of the Salish Sea at risk, and make the Pacific Northwest ground zero in the battle to stop climate change.

Join the movement of Americans and Canadians coming together to protect our shared waters and tackle the climate crisis!

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For our climate and our waters, there is no border.

For too long, the imaginary line drawn on a map between Canada and the United States has kept us battling each of these fossil fuel export projects in isolation from one another. It’s time to unite to expose the big picture and stand in solidarity with Coast Salish Nations and Tribes working to protect their territories. Let's draw inspiration from the Pacific Northwest’s long tradition of green leadership and show fossil fuel companies that they picked the wrong part of the world to transform into a carbon corridor.

Americans and Canadians of the Salish Sea share one coast, one ecosystem and one climate. We are coming together across the border to choose a different future for our region. Join us!

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A juggernaut of fossil fuel development

To confront one of the most powerful industries on Earth, you have to know what it has in store for your community. Right now, more than a dozen new or expanded oil, coal or liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities have been proposed or recently approved on the shores of the Salish Sea, primarily aimed at exporting North American fossil fuels to Asian markets. These projects would have significant impacts on our air, ocean and wildlife, and would put communities and our climate at risk. 

If all the proposals in the region were approved, the Pacific Northwest would become one of the largest fossil fuel exporters in the world. Not on our watch!

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Green leader or carbon corridor?

The Salish Sea is a special place. Its unique coastal environment supports a stunning variety of marine life, including wild salmon and endangered killer whales. These waters have been home to thriving Indigenous communities for thousands of years, and today our communities, regional economy and way of life all rely on the health and natural beauty of the Salish Sea. All of this is at risk.

Which future do you want for the Salish Sea: A natural paradise leading the way towards a green economy, or a global fossil fuel export hub? Join the fight of our generation!

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Here are the facts:

  • 308


    extra tonnes of carbon dioxide pumped into our atmosphere annually if all the projects go ahead
  • $11.4


    estimated dollar value of the climate change damages caused by the additional carbon output from all the proposed projects 
  • 1,231

    more ships

    that would join the already crowded waterways of the Salish Sea each year if all the projects were approved (greatly increasing the oil spill risk)
  • 165,000


    in Washington alone that could be impacted by a major oil spill in the Salish Sea (which could cost $10.8 billion)
  • 8


    more jobs could be created if we invested in clean energy sectors rather than fossil fuels
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